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About Us - Foundation Realty

Foundation Realtyis where your dreams come true.

We are a construction company that builds you your dream project just the way you want it. We will also design the home interiors according to your desire.

Our residential builders understand how important it is for our customers to have a space thatmeets their perfection to the tee. We help you exactly with that. As a real estate developer, nothing gives us more pleasure than satisfying our clients with the brilliance and excellence of our services.

We have been in this business of real estate developmentand interior design or a few decades. So, we have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the market demands. We have worked for yearsand contributed towards making the infrastructure of our country better and advanced. We have catered to hundreds of customersalong the course of time and we look forward to you broadening our client base every single day.

From building cityscapes to enhancing your personal residential interior design, we have expertise in all. No matter what job you have in mind for us, we assure you that our builders in Bangalore and other parts of the country can accomplish it with full efficiency. The motto of our company is to build your dream abode and deliver customized home interior designs to all.

We have constructed and built landmarks around the country that are praised by all. Our efficient and fine work has helped us to earn a reputed place in this competitive market. We have even started working with some international real estate development companies. This will further help us to expand our company and expertise.

Achieving a great reputation worldwide is our only aim. We plan to do so by providing our clients with satisfactory results. You can keep your bar of expectation high while you are having us. As a leading real estate developer in India, we promise to which results that are at par with your expectation from us.

We Deliver Excellence

When you are trusting a company with construction andhome interior designs of your space, you will be stressing a lot on how the results will come out. But we show that will not be the case if you have us.

You can rest assured of the fact you will be provided with the best interior design ideas and their impeccable execution. You can surely rely upon us. Our years of excellence makes us extremely reliable. When it comes to construction andinterior design for home, there is no one better than us.

Our service is all sustainability-centric.Everything we do we make sure that it is energy efficient and of low maintenance. Safety is our prime concern; we only use high end and reliable product to construct your dream home. We make sure that you are safe and sound at your home. We maintain all regulatory guidelines while we are doing our job. This makes your home a safer place. We look forward to a safer family and safer neighborhood. Your house needs to be constructed with full care and excellence and this is what we offer at Foundation Realty.

Our Work

With our team of multiple professionals and experts, we offer groundbreaking work and advanced technology to provide you with the best results. We, along with all our stakeholders, create a win-win situation for all the clients and customers.

Our job is to offer you beautiful home interiorsand construction services. No matter what your desire is our experts meet all your expectations, after all, it is your house. Our customer and company relationship does not end with providing you with the result. But we also offer you with expanded warranty and the promise of maintenance. Our employees only provide with sheer excellent service.

We have a strong sense of safety that leads us to provide people with safe homes. Appealing looks aren't enough and we understand that big time. Our designs are sustainable and efficient as well. You will be able to use every inch of your space. Be it interiors for living room or modular kitchen designs, we do it all for you and at minimal expense.

We are spread over all over India and our clients have spread out of the country as well. You can be assured of the fact that we will only offer you sheer resilience and quality service. Our designers offer unique and exclusive designs. You can discuss with them any ideas that you have in mind and they will customize it for you. We also have done a 3D design preview option. You can get an idea of your project even before the construction has begun.

Construction or designing a space is a matter of huge amount. But we try to provide services that do not burn a hole in your pocket. Even if you customize your design, we take care that the cost does not exceed your budget. So, the next time you think of something simple like wardrobe designs or something more expansive like apartment makeover, get in touch with us.

We have a better vision than many others. Our aim is to build better homes for our clients. Better home is a sign of a better life.